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that we give you the best experience on our website. Or when I install X FMC I am forced to use it, and the FMC from X plane 10 is replaced? 2) Other question I have is if may I have select the departure SID according the runway I am, and the arrival star according the runway I want to land? X-Plane 10 DDenn Challenger 300, confugration File, view more. We will read it and if confirmed as a bug, we will use our internal tracking system to follow. X-Plane 10 Default 747-400, download Configuration File, view more.

X, fMC is an advanced flight management computer for X-Plane. X fmc video

3) And finally my calle jose maria fernandez jodar last question is, if X FMC could work with the X plane data? Using an FMC is not always easy and can be rather complex Thus, when you think the behavior is not correct, please do not assume this is an X-FMC issue! Link a copy of X-Plane log file (under X-Plane root folder) DO NOT paste IT! X-Plane 10 eadt x737 v5, confugration Included With Plane, view more. The FMC from X plane is very simple, don't allow SID or star charts but it's quite simple and actually I am using. May I do that? X-Plane 10 FJS 727 v2, confugration Included With Plane, view more. X-Plane 10 FJS Dash8 Q400, download Configuration File, view more. However I have some doubts and I would need help. You can also check our X-FMC Configuration File section and check if a configuration is available for your plane. Cheers, edited March 30, 2014 by wingaviator. Dont hesitate to grab an advanced FMC for X-Plane 10 and enjoy the IFR life. Because I do not have a Navigraph subscription, and I have read something about Navigraph.

You can use it for almost any plane to fly your IFR plans.Download, x, fMC for all operating systems for X-Plane including Windows, OSX and Linux.

X, fMC - Advanced FMC for X-Plane

Note: A Boeing plane will automatically start the descend if a lower MCP altitude has been set and you pass the T/D (green donut on navdisplay). The project is donationware, so feel free to download right now X-FMC on the download Page and decide if you wish to support us later! You can also check our X-FMC Configuration File section and check if a configuration is available for your plane. Watch the auto-pilot tutorial here: /EpAEsyAxL5c, watch the lights tutorial here: /gm17VEa1DZE, watch the landing tutorial here: /NCnZqZD5wm0, favorite flightsim websites: Flight Planner: m metar: bad Weather: m/. The XP11 default FMS falls into the latter category. Plugins: Landing Speed, headshake, skyMaxx Pro v4, the current XP11 version is: Public Beta. An Airbus on the other hand will not do that and require you to push the altitude selector to get into managed descend mode, otherwise it will fly right past the T/D. Dont hesitate to grab an advanced FMC for X-Plane 10 and enjoy the IFR life. Get the XP11 demo or buy it here: m/, my PC specs: GTX 780 3GB vram 16GB RAM, i, don't forget to like and subscribe! That means, approaching the T/D, dial in a lower MCP altitude, and when you are about to pass the T/D, press the ALT hold button to come out of altitude hold into managed descend. In this X-Plane 11 tutorial, I will expand upon the previous Flight Management Computer video and show you how to fly the flight plan from Ottawa to Montreal using the FMC and Autopilot. Also you may want to leave a comment below, I read them all! Please consider being my Patron here: m/xcheck, thank you all for your support!, this is the second part of a 3 part tutorial!

If you wish to download previous versions of X-FMC please review those links: Up, we use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

We will edit forum post title to warn you about the status. Org and Include the following information: X-Plane Version, oS Version. It can be adapted to almost any plane thanks to a simple configuration file. I mean, let's imagine I install X FMC and because is new for me I don't know very well how to use it, and I decide not to use it for sometime, and in the meantime to continue using the default FMC from X plane. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with. There are a lot of side components that can be a root cause: X-Plane, navigraph Data 3rd party addon, if you think you need to report it anyway, please use the Forum Section on X-Plane.

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Description of how it happened, description on how to reproduce the behavior., X fmc video

The star rating explains the opinion other users have regarding X-FMC, from "Highly recommended" to "Very dangerous". A confirmation window will appear. SID and star procedures can be easily inserted given you have the latest available data! Activate the Uninstall Programs button. Xfmc calculates a dynamic Optimal Climb Speed and Rate depending on the thrust, the weight and altitude. Exe (23.30 MB pythonScriptsNetInstaller. If descent could not be made in a safe way, the FMC will refuse to comply.

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